Ruben van Rompaey


Ruben van Rompaey

Ruben van Rompaey (Bergen op Zoom Holland, 1978) is mainly active as an author, artist, composer and poet.

After obtaining his master degree in music and arts he stayed in New Orleans (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey) respectively, where he studied Jazz, oriental percussion and culture. Simultaneously he further immersed himself in the world of literature (Dutch language in particular).

As an artist Ruben travelled intensively which often has brought him to Asia. Especially the arts and culture from the Middle and Far East have always strongly inspired and influenced his work as an author and composer. He has performed on a variety of international festivals and produced several albums. Ruben has won several awards, including TAMA Award (Amsterdam 1999) and Erasmus Jazz Award (Rotterdam 2000).

After having lived in China and Belgium together with his family for several years he finally returned to his home country, The Netherlands.

Besides his activities as a writer of poetry, prose, educational materials and music artist Ruben is currently active as a professor of Ethics at schools in Flanders Belgium.


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